“Faster and faster the wheel turns in its course, cycle becoming cycle, until that which was becomes that which will be. Memory of desolation becomes fear of desolation.”

“Behind prison doors, Khyber rages once again at Siberys, and the sound shakes Eberron to her core. The ancient seals are weakening! Hearken and despair!”

“Five at the brink of the desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar…”

—excerpts from the Draconic Prophecy


Welcome to Khyber’s Gate, a D&D 4e campaign set in the world of Eberron™, and based out of the towering city of Sharn.

This campaign is played online weekly on Monday evenings using Maptools and Ventrilo. We are a mature group of gamers from the United States, Canada, and Australia. At this point, the game has been a modification of published adventures (The Mark of Prophecy in the Eberron Campaign Guide, Khyber’s Harvest, and Seekers of the Ashen Crown). These adventures will be the foundation of a long-term epic campaign.

Currently on Hiatus due to nursing school.

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Khyber's Gate

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