The following meeting took place after the Chosen of the Gray Mist returned from Graywall…

Taus makes his way to Lower Menthis to the Downstairs—the seedy tavern district of this part of the city. Drunken revelers crowd the streets, even this early in the day. Luckily he lost Ashe on one of the lift exchanges, but he wonders why the shifter was tailing him in the first place. A mystery to be solved later. For now, an old contact needs to be reestablished.

Taus finds Sam’jin’s Bar easily. After all, it was his watering hole for two years. Good times were had in this place. It’s a small bar, like most in the district, but it’s where the Clan based their operations in this little part of Sharn. Taus has heard rumors that the Boromar Clan is extensive and goes right up to Skyway, but all he knew were the cutthroats and footpads in the network of thugs that Jurgen was part of. He had also heard that the gang originally came from the Talenta Plains, but he’d never met a halfling in the gang.

Lindra is at her usual table. The half-elf who used to be Taus’ partner, and sometimes lover, catches a glimpse of him from across the room. A flash of surprise passes over her almond eyes, but then she smirks. Even as she does, Taus notices a scrawny man—Neiman, if he remembers correctly—move towards the doorway behind him and draw a weapon. His motions are not aggressive enough to alert attack, but it is clear he is blocking Taus’ exit.

“Hello, Taus,” Lindra says with a sly smile. “It’s been a long time. I hope Sharn is treating you well.”

Taus takes his eyes off of Neiman and looks Lindra up and down as she puts her boots up on the table.

“Evening, Lindra – I can see you haven’t forgotten how to make someone feel welcome. Still in the game, I assume?”

Lindra smiles again.

“The game is as addictive as dream lily, as you well know. I wouldn’t think twice about leaving. But some of us play the game better than others. Isn’t that true, my dear?”

She pauses for effect.

Taus lowers the hood of his cloak, and ignores her question. He cautiously walks over to her table. She makes a motion, inviting him to sit down next to her as she takes a sip of her drink. Neiman and a few other gang members in the bar watch the two closely as Taus sits down.

“I have some information to barter,” he says, cutting right to the chase.

“Information,eh? Hoping it’s worth the price on your head?”

“Your ability to read minds stuns even me, my love…”

Taus reaches out and playfully runs a finger along her jaw. Lindra smiles, but from the corner of his eye, Taus sees a few weapons being drawn in the room.

“The location of the backstabbing prick Jurgen,” Taus continues. “I’m sure his current captors are trying to extract all his secrets – if you catch him quick, you might be able to silence him before he squeals them out. A fair deal, hmm?”

Lindra looks at her glass and ponders Taus’ proposition out loud. “Hmmm… Yes, that might be an interesting diversion to the usual. And not every former member is stupid enough to walk back in here.” She smiles sarcastically at Taus. “You don’t make the hunt very fun, you know. I suppose we could forgo slitting your throat in return for Jurgen’s. Where is the bastard?”

“House Deneith has him in their enclave in Dragon Towers. I’ll warn you, my love: I have powerful allies now. If I catch the taint of Boromar around me, that taint will cease to live, and then we will come for you…”

Lindra pretends a pout. “Such harsh words after we’ve been parted so long. Tsk, tsk, dear Taus. I’m starting to think you don’t love me anymore. That would be a shame.”

Taus leans in.

“Ah, merely separating business and pleasure, my pet – the flame may burn dimmer than it once did, but it still burns…”

He then looks up, noticing Neiman staring at him.

“Ahem. Was there anything else we needed to discuss?”

Lindra smiles and leans in even closer.

“Just one, my love,” she almost whispers in Taus’ ear. “How in Khyber are we supposed to get our hands on Jurgen if he’s locked away in a Deneith enclave?”

She continues her sensual smile, dripping with the venom of her question.

“Or hadn’t you considered that?”

Taus leans back some, uncomfortably.

“Wellll… I have been inside said enclave – I could provide a rough layout,” he says with a sheepish smile, hoping that’s enough to satisfy the dangerous woman. “I can also tell you that there really aren’t that many blademarks within. Past that, you’re going to have to get a bit… creative. I’m sure you can come up with something.”

She sits back in her chair quickly and frowns.

“You’re insane,” she spits out. “No one gets in there without an invitation, and I’m not about to get on the wrong side of a dragonmarked house. I don’t care who’s in there. You come up with something else, and then maybe we can talk. Until then keep an eye over your shoulder.”

She waves her hand.

“Neiman! Get this trash out of here.”

The thug and two others come over to flank Taus. Again, they don’t attack, but it’s clear that it will come to blows if he doesn’t leave quickly.

Taus stands up from his chair.

“Your loss. It’s been fun,” he says and then quickly sees himself out.


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