Calden d'Deneith Forms

The Forms Calden takes come from his houses past. As a student of the Valenar, he channels the spirits of his ancestors in addition to those of nature. Each spirit, in addition to the mechanical boons, may offer advice or guidance, reflective of themselves.

The following descriptions are what is seen by the other characters when he uses one of his ‘forms’, rather then the standard fluff.

Form of the Bone Vanguard (Form of Mountains Thunder)
Plates of bone form around Calden, with red tinted lightning flickering between the floating plates. When he swings, his hammer sparks with shards of bone. Enemies must first penetrate these defenses as some long fallen death knight whispers dark secrets.

Form of the Winters Herald (Form of Winters Herald)
The appearance of a fur clad human, snow and ice coating his features overlays Calden. A ghostly outline of a frost rimmed axe covers his hammer, as the ancient Frostfell explorer lends his strength to Calden.

Ice cracks over the ground at his feet, a blue-white sheen of frost that traps those who would flee.

Calden d'Deneith Forms

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