Calden d'Deneith


8 Zarantyr, 997 “You have the location?” The half orc nodded, sliding a note across the table. Calden didn’t take it, gazing through the window onto the street below. The half orc followed his gaze, a smile wrinkling his face, distorting the Mark of Finding. “Noticed her, did you?” Calden nodded, and the Marked orc motioned for another drink.

Calden picked up the paper, reading it as the Halfling serving girl set another drink down, raised a brow at Caldens untouched glass, and bustled off. “She didn’t want to come in? Calden asked, his tone indicating it wasn’t a question. “She’s new… still learning how things work” the orc replied, and Calden grinned. “You’re sure the elf is in Callestan?”

The half orc managed to look offended in mid swallow, glaring mildly till he could speak, “Have I ever led you wrong?” Calden stood, swinging his cloak over his shoulders, “Sorry, Herios, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go down there again.” Herios stood as well, carrying his mug to the window, on which he tapped, and then waved for the human female watching to come up.

Calden gave a questioning look at Herios, and he grinned, “You and your lovely Marshals insignia are coming with me to Grayflood. It makes the bounty look slightly more… official… to the locals, less likely for thugs to get involved. And I hear this halfling is a scrapper.” Calden sighed, “Well, at least it’s not Callestan.” The female entered, glancing at Herios and ignoring Calden’s proffered hand. “A d’Denieth?” She said, practically spitting the name, and Herios shrugged at Calden, “Like I said… she’s new.”


22 Therendor, 997 Calden turned his gaze from the window, looking surprised as Kava limped into the room, sporting a vicious black eye, one arm wrapped in a bandage, the linens bearing the mark of House Jorasco. “What happened to you?” He asked, as Kava slouched into the other chair. She glared at him, and as Herios limped in after her, Calden waved for the Halfling server to bring another chair.

Kava continued glaring at him, as Herios settled into the chair and nodded his thanks to the Halfling, who scurried off to fetch his standing order. For a moment, the three sat in silence, before Kava turned her gaze out the window, studiously ignoring Calden. “She’s new.” Herios grinned as he spoke, and Kava glared at him, “I’ve been here two months, damn it. Stop saying I’m new.”

The other two glanced at each other, and Herios continued. “She went marching into Malleon’s Gate without a proper squad.” Calden took a sip of his water to hide a grin, “Did she show them her nice Marshals insignia? They are backed up by the Blademarks of House d’Deneith, you know.” Herios snickered, and Kava glared at them “Shut. Up.”

“Did you at least get the mark?” Calden asked, serious once again. Kava sighed, and Herios shook his head. “We lost him in the scuffle, but I hear he’s looking for a boat… ““Which means Cliffside.” Calden finished for him, “You’ll need a name.” “The Bloated Pelican. Dock 54A.” Herios replied, and Calden nodded. “Then why are you here?” The House Tharashk pair looked at each other, and Herios shook his head stubbornly. With a sigh, Kava spoke, “We… I was hoping you’d come along.”


15 Dravago, 997 “Here we are.” The warforged called over the sound of the rain drumming down on the roof, and Calden glanced out the small window at the average looking apartment tower. As he stepped out of the carriage, he turned his collar up against the rain, “Wait here, I won’t be long.” He called up to the cabby, who tipped his top hat in reply. Calden eyed the construct a moment longer, but before he could say anything the apartment door opened, and Kava waved him over.

“What brings you to the Myshan Gardens?” Kava favored him with a frown, “This isn’t the time for humor, Calden.” His coat dripped onto the floor as he followed Kava up several flights of stairs, and into an apartment, the door of which, he noticed, had been forced. Herios gave him a nod, but otherwise didn’t acknowledge him. “What’s going on?” Calden asked, looking around the room at the signs of struggle. “One of ours was killed.” Kava answered a bitter note in her voice. “The watch has already come and gone, not that they can help.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Calden replied, dropping his flippant, joking attitude, “Why am I here, this sounds like an internal affair of the House.” “Because of these,” Herios said, retrieving the papers from the hidden compartment.

Calden d'Deneith

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