Ashe's Journal

Note: This area contains information that is not know by the other PCs. Please do not metagame.

A couple of weeks after the night at the tavern I received a letter from Samar. He said he had been telling my tale to an old friend of his and he was interested in helping me. I was to meet this man in Wroat. It turns out that the man I was meeting was none other than Kor ir’Wynarn. Apparently Kor and Samar had served in the war for years together and Samar had mentioned my plight to Kor. He took great interest in me and offered to recruit me as one of his agents for the King’s Shadows. Only Kor and my immediate Superior known to me only as Chief know my identity. To the rest of the King’s Citadel I’m just another officer of some department or another.

I’ve recently been given the news that the Old Man has always been working for the Royal Eyes of Aundair. All those papers he had were simply there so that there would be nothing linking Aundair with all the assassinations. A good spy hides his trail well. I know this now.

News of Bastille or the Old Man props up everywhere. They have their hands in a lot of organized crime all over Khorvaire and rumours even say that the Old Man’s influence has grown so much in the ranks of the Royal Eyes that his reach has expanded beyond Khorvaire to as far as Xen’drik.

Very recently, I was fortunate enough to run into someone I was very surprised to see. Elyon, one of the children from the orphanage was alive. This changes things. Could anyone else have survived the blast? Perhaps another one of the children also wasn’t at the house when it happened. Maybe even Laurana? Could she still live? Was she even in there? Maybe Bastille put the amulet there knowing I’d find it and he has Laurana… so many questions… I must have answers and I will bleed the whole of Khorvaire if I have to to get them!

The Chief approached me and asked me to run a mission for him. House Tarkanan has been very active of late and the name Son of Khyber keeps popping up in relation. They’ve been recruiting and taking hostile action against the other Houses. My mission is to find out all I can. But why is Breland or the King’s Citadel in particular interested in House politics and affairs? This shouldn’t concern us. I’m to find a Dwarf named Jurgen who was recently contacted by a House Tarkanan recruiter name “The Shepherd” and use him. He’s to be found in Graywall. Perhaps he knows something about “The Shepherd” and can maybe even lead me to him. My information also stated that a group of adventurers led by a man named Calden d’Deneith is after Jurgen. Perhaps I can use them. The bounty on Jurgen may be used as incentive for them to help. I only need answers off him anyway.

The party of adventurers proved useful. Jurgen was captured easily and I got some answers off him. Unfortunately two of the adventurers were present during the interrogation; Calden and Taus. I’ll keep an eye on them; they may have to be dealt with.

The party had quite story to tell involving the Ashen Crown. It seems my sources were correct. These adventurers are indeed working with the Goblins. Taus is proving to be very intriguing. He seems to have something against Shifters. I’ve caught him staring at me multiple times. He also has something to hide. I tried following him once but he lost me in the crowds. He seems to be reliable in a fight though. For now that’s all that matters.

The Chief wants me to find out more about “The Shepherd”. The information I received off Jurgen wasn’t enough. I have a location and I know he’s a halfling. I’ve arranged for Jurgen’s release. I will follow him to his meeting place and hopefully get the jump on “The Shepherd”. There’s something The Chief isn’t telling me. He knows more about this halfling than he lets on. This better not be a set-up. Trust has always been an issue with me and the King’s Shadows. They aren’t sure if I’m a spy for Aundair still and I’m not sure they aren’t going to use me as bait or a scapegoat. I’ll just have to keep my eyes open and my back to the wall.

It seems the Adventurers have gotten themselves in a bind. Captain Kalaes seems to think they were behind the theft of the pieces to the Ashen Crown. This works in my favour. I have spoken up in defense of the Party and it has helped me gain a modicum of trust. I’ve now joined them in finishing their mission and I’ll be able to, hopefully, use them in order to further my goals.

Their mission to recapture Tikulti, the traitor, and the missing pieces of the Ashen Crown led them into the Cogs. I followed and we handily defeated the Traitor and the Master Mind behind this whole plot, Demise. Items and traitor in hand we headed back. Now is the perfect opportunity to seek the party’s aid. I may have to divulge some information but for the most part they seem a trustworthy bunch I may even grow to respect them. For now though… they are simply tools to be used. The King’s Citadel requires a job done and it shall be done…. for now.

Finally! News of Bastille has surfaced! The Chief, after a lengthy conversation about my mission and a stern reminder of who I work for, shared some information with me. It seems Bastille has been hired to work for the The Boromar Clan. Apparently they hired him to deal with some Daask issues they’re having. I’ll hunt him down if it’s the last thing I do. I will make him pay! Brother or not.. he broke the code.. he made it personal.

How can he be such a fool? How can he be so blind? It is not my place to interfere and I shouldn’t care what he does… then why do I? After picking up Jurgen with the group to finally start my mission, we go to meet a friend of Calden’s. It turns out to be a trap… his “friend” was waiting there for us with a few of his own friends and wanted to take Jurgen off our hands to interrogate then kill him. I was apprehensive at first but Calden promised me no harm will come to Jurgen. But then, Keira jumped in and refused to hand him over. A good thing… for it turned out that this friend of Calden’s would have killed Jurgen anyway. After the fight, Calden refused to end the life of Sorghan and instead wants to take him in to face justice. Does he not understand that no justice will be served in doing this? Sorghan will use this as an excuse to start a war in house Deneith. While house matters are none of my concern, the repercussions to the Citadel, should Sorghan succeed, will be numerous and may put my mission in jeopardy. I can’t let anything get in the way of finding Bastille and the Old Man.

Sigh… “House Business” has landed Calden in a great deal of trouble. This House that he’s been so loyal to has betrayed him like I had warned him. He’s been incarcerated and is awaiting his execution. Now it’s up to us to break him out. Why am I helping these people and risking so much? I could simply walk away from this… forget I ever met them… couldn’t I?

On a much more personal note, I’ve been able to capture a Boromar Clan agent. She didn’t know much, but she has ambition. I can use that ambition to further my ends. I’m sure the Citadel would love to have someone they can keep tabs on in the higher Echelons of the Boromar Clan and I doubt she would be against my kind of help to get her there. This works for all parties involved. If she learns anything of use to me she will contact me. We are to meet back in the same hut the night she sends word to me. After I was done questioning her, I turned my back to her and went to get the door so Taus can speak with her. I knew she planned to run before that of course and so… I didn’t pay too much attention to making sure she was secure. Taus didn’t seem to mind either so it works for me. I just hope she’s smart enough to understand how much she has to gain from our little arrangement.

Ashe's Journal

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