The following conversation happens just after the group returns to Captain Kalaes and receive their reward…

Walking out of the office, Ashe turns his attention to future business, heading to meet briefly with Chief, his superior at the Citadel. The older man is sitting enjoying some Riedran brandy in his office, stroking his mustaches. He stands up and greets Ashe as he enters, and then asks, “Well, Ashe, did you complete that mission for the Swords? The business with the goblins, I think it was.”

Ashe responds, “Have I ever failed?”

“No, I suppose you haven’t,” Chief says with a slight smile.

Ashe continues, “What news is there of Jurgen. Will he be released?”

“I sent a message to Kor ir’Wynarn in Wroat, and I expect a response within a day or two. He owes me a few favors, and I think Brion d’Deneith owes him. The dwarf should be released into your custody.”

“Excellent,” the shifter says. “Keep me appraised.”

Ashe’s response causes the older man to raise an eyebrow.

“Keep you appraised, eh? Sometimes I think you forget who is the ranking officer here, lad.”

The young shifter smiles.

“I was never one for rank and file,” he says. “You know that and I’m sure it matters little as long as i get the job done. And I always get the job done. Oh and by the way… speaking of rank and file, you may want to tend to Captain Kalaes’ ego, i may have thrashed it a little when he tried to order me around.”

Chief clears his throat and continues his questioning. “And what is your estimation of these mercenaries who worked for the Swords? I understand some of them are marked. A Deneith and Cannith if I heard correctly.”

Ashe steps further into the room and gives his report.

“The mercenaries…. are… useful and I have managed to gain their trust. They are fools to give trust so easily but why should I complain? It makes my job easier.

“One of them, a rogue by the name of Taus, may pose a problem. He seems to have something against Shifters or maybe just me. I’ve caught him staring at me multiple times. He also has something to hide. I tried following him once but he lost me in the crowds. He seems to be reliable in a fight though. For now that’s all that matters but I will be keeping an eye on him. Perhaps some of our contacts could bring us some information on him?

“The marked ones are no trouble so far. The Deneith seems to trust me. I’ve treated him as a fellow “officer” and he seems to respect that. He also seems to be the leader of this crew and that works to my advantage. Gain the trust of the leader and the rest will follow.

“As for the Cannith I see no reason why she should be an issue. She’s a friendly one and a good ally to have in a fight.

“As I had stated earlier, they will be very useful as an asset if we can maneuver them correctly. Being a Deneith, Calden will most likely have great respect for Brion d’Deneith and an order or request from him would carry much weight. Perhaps Lord Kor could put in a word for us about that as well?”

Chief ponders Ashe’s words for a moment.

“Yes, I think that I can dig up some info on this rogue.”

He writes a few notes on a piece of parchment.

“These mercenaries may be useful. Make use of them if you see fit. But I want information on this Son of Khyber as soon as possible, so don’t let them slow you down. Hopefully this dwarf can lead you to him. For now, take a few days rest. I’ll send word when I hear from Kor.”

He takes a drink of his brandy.

“Oh, I, uh, also have some information that you might find interesting.”

Ashe perks up at this and asks, “Is it about the Old Man or Bastille? Have you heard anything?”

Chief sits down in his chair and says, “Yes. Something came up regarding this Bastille. We still have no intel on him working for Aundair, though, I don’t doubt your theories. But I received a report submitted by a Lantern on Boromar Clan activity. The name Bastille was in it. Apparently this man has been hired by the crime organization to deal with the Daask issue.”

Ashe responds, “I’d like to see that report.. and what are these Daask issues you mentioned? Why does the Boromar Clan sound familiar?”

He murmurs, “Bastille.. my brother.. at last i found you.”

Chief sighs.

“When are you ever going to learn to remember the things I tell you. The Boromar Clan, my boy, is the largest criminal organization in Sharn. It has its roots in the Talenta Plains, and we have some intel showing they have some connections with House Jorasco. A halfling named Saidan Boromar is the boss. They run the smuggling trade in the city, and they have their hands pretty heavily in gambling. And just about every petty thief and fence pays them tribute. The Council and Watch do little to stop their work, since most are on their payroll. Hell, if the Clan disappeared, Sharn would probably crumble.”

He shrugs and takes another swig.

“The Citadel doesn’t care one way or another, as they don’t threaten the king in any way. But the Clan has been having some trouble as of late with the Daask organization. They have ties to Droaam, and are made up of monsters and goblins mostly. I’ve heard their base of operations is in Malleon’s Gate. Aggressive bastards. Luckily they’re mostly giving the Boromar Clan trouble. Pretty bloody turf war has been going on for two years in the Lower City. Anyway, it seems your Bastille has been hired by the Clan to deal with the monsters.”

Ashe seems thoughtful.

“Alright then,” he says. “What kind of trouble is this Daask Organization causing? And do we know anyone we can contact within the organization? Perhaps I could offer them my services.”

“Easy there,” Chief responds, putting up his hands. “I don’t want you off the Tarkanans right now. Gang issues aren’t usually a concern of the Shadows, and besides the Lanterns are on it. We can’t waste time and resources following their leads. But I did want you to know what I heard. Rats swarm, as they say, and there are connections between the Tarkanans and the Boromar Clan. Or at least peace. If you hear anything of Bastille while finding the Son of Khyber, you are free to investigate. I don’t mind treading on the Lanterns’ toes anyway.”

Chief smirks. But Ashe becomes intense.

“I’ve been chasing ghosts for 6 years. I finally get my first tangible lead and you want me to ignore it?” he questions his superior with an indignant look. “I’ll take care of this Son of Khyber for you.. you have nothing to worry about… but I will not ignore Bastille.”

Chief puts his brandy glass down and narrows his eyes as he looks at Ashe.

“I didn’t ask you to ignore it,” he says. “If that were the case I wouldn’t have told you. But I don’t want you distracted from your primary mission. Do you understand me, agent?”

“Yes…. sir…” Ashe responds with scorn.

Chief nods. “Dismissed then.”

The Citadel commander stares at Ashe as he walks out of the room.


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