Khyber's Gate

Session 15
Making new friends...

The quest for the Ashen Crown continues, and the Chosen of the Gray Mist venture into the caverns beneath Six Kings after the Kech Volaar goblins teleported away. The adventurers were assailed by ghostly denizens which tried to fling them off the edge of a ruined chamber into the darkness below, but they prevailed against the undead. Not long after, they met more unliving resistance, this time in the form of a ghostly goblin that threatened them in the passage. They didn’t heed the warning, though, and they came face to face with the reason for the goblins’ demise: a centuries old cemetery of sorts. Goblins entombed within stalagmites—probably for millennia. Both Sari and Keira were given indicators of the cause of the goblins’ petrification through the powers of the relics in their possession. Yet all of the Chosen received clues of their own as undead foulspawn attacked both them and the ghostly goblins that blocked their path. A strange fight ensued, and the adventurers joined with the goblins to destroy the ancient foulspawn. They now await to see if the goblin ghosts will now turn on them…

Session 15 Chat Log

Session 14
Six Kings at last!

A long trek up the cliff face, and the journey comes to an end. The search for the Kech Volaar is now before the Chosen of the Gray Mist. Luckily, that quest is resolved quickly as the goblins appeared from behind a boulder. Unfortunately, the Wordbearers, led by a dirge singer by the name of Yeraa, were not has happy to see the newcomers as they had hoped. Before allowing them to join the goblins, worthiness must be proved, as is the way of the ancient Dhakaani goblins. A ritualist brawl ensued, as each hero faced a goblin on the field of battle. Luckily the weapons were padded! A few bruises resulted, but with the help of the Citadel changeling, Tikulti, who had infiltrated the goblins posing as a hobgoblin, the adventurers proved their worth to the Kech Volaar and were invited on their quest to find one of two fragments: Zaraani’s Solitaire. The goblins would be searching a different area of the goblin monument for the second fragment: Lurtaan’s Cord.

Yeraa led the whole group into Six Kings where they found an ancient magical obelisk. With it, the goblins teleported away to pursue their quest, leaving the adventurers to theirs… and to a room full of undead. Using the obelisk triggered an ancient defense, causing goblin bones to rise in defense of the monument. A fight ensued, and the skeletons were reduced to bones again. Now the depths of Six Kings awaits…

Session 14 Chat Log

Session 13
Will the violence ever stop?

The road to Six Kings continues to be arduous and dangerous to boot. The Order of the Emerald Claw strikes again, this time in more official and predetermined form. A skilled leader among their ranks by the name of Warrik seems to have decided to ambush the adventurers, apparently against the wishes of the elf Demise, who wants the Claw contingent to simply scout their position and then return to Sharn. All of this is discerned from a letter on Warrik’s corpse. Demise wants to deal with the heroes on her own terms in Sharn it seems. How she plans to orchestrate that is a mystery.

And more violence ensues just outside of Six Kings, as Kech Shaarat goblins, the Bladebearer clan who is rivals to the Wordbearers that the group seeks, attacks them. The fight is a rout, though, and the surviving goblins scatter in hiding. The path to Six Kings has come to an end. All that is left is to find the Kech Volaar and convince them to let the adventurers join them on their quest to find the Ashen Crown.

Session 13 Chat Log

Session 12
Bandits along the way...

The journey is rough along the dilapidated Orien trade route for our heroes. They came upon a group of monstrous raiders, led by a hulking minotaur. The rough crew seemed willing to let the group pass, on the condition that they relinquish all their gold. How rude? Of course the decision was obvious, and a fight quickly ensued. The adventurers wiped the blood off their swords and continued on.

Session 12 Chat Log

Session 11
On the road again...

The next day after the attack, the Chosen of the Gray Mist appeared at the Citadel complex where Captain Kalaes was waiting for them. He was dismayed to hear about Gydd Nephret’s disappearance, and vowed to look into the matter. An airship was awaiting their departure to Ardev in western Breland. The ship took off, and many hours later, they landed just outside the remote town. The party decided discretion was the wiser path, and headed off on the Orien trade road towards Droaam and Six Kings at once. The next day, they came upon a group of ruffians who were harassing a goblin traveler. The ruffians turned on the adventurers at once, and it was quickly discovered that they were actually agents of the Emerald Claw! A brief fight ensued, and the goblin was saved. The heroes learned from the nervous goblin that both he and his captors were actually looking for them! The goblin was a Kech Volaar who was tracking the group’s location. Somehow their errand was known to the Wordbearers and Emerald Claw alike.

Session 11 Chat Log

Session 10
Job Opportunities

Things are getting busy for the Chosen of the Gray Mist…

Word has gotten out about their find in the ruins under Sharn. The hobgoblin priest, Olaakki, has shared that both Wordbearer and Bladebearer goblins from Darguun have been to the ruin and know that someone has the Blade. And now servants of the Order of the Emerald Claw—namely an elf known as Demise—seem to be after it as well. Even the Brelish authorities in Sharn have found out about Ashurta’s Blade, and it has led to an interesting development. Captain Saj Kalaes, an officer in the King’s Citadel, has hired the party to do a service for Breland. The Citadel would rather see the Wordbearer goblins ascend to power in Darguun than any of the other clans, and they wish to use the Ashen Crown to strengthen their position. Captain Kalaes is sending them to Six Kings in Droaam to follow the Wordbearer contingent that is seeking the other pieces of the Ashen Crown and to offer them the Blade and their assistance in recovering all 5 pieces. Who knows what could come of this?

Luckily, this job coincides with another just given to Calden by his House: to track down a killer by the name of Jurgen—a dwarf who works for the Boromar Clan. And who just so happens to be Taus’ ex-boss. Jurgen is said to have fled to Graywall in Droaam—just northwest of Six Kings.

Before leaving on the new jobs, the adventurers went to Morgrave University again at the bidding of Gydd Nephret. She feared that the elves interested in the Ashen Crown were not who they said they were. Upon arrival at the professor’s apartment, the heroes found it ransacked. The invaders were still there, including Lady Dannae Ulyan, who explained that the professor was accosted. But she was just an illusion, formed over an undead wight. More undead attacked with the wight, and the heroes were forced out onto the street to deal with the home invaders. Luckily they prevailed, and clues left in the house pointed to the nefarious Order of the Emerald Claw as the assailants. Gydd was nowhere to be found.

Session 10 Chat Log

Session 9
Scholarly notice

The heroes finally emerged from the Depths of Sharn triumphant. The kruthik hive was exterminated fairly easily, and more importantly, they have uncovered an ancient tomb and artifact. Molric, the dwarf foreman, grumpily gave them their reward for a job completed, and the hobgoblin priest Olaakki was excited by the find and troubled by the talk of Wordbearer goblins in Sharn. He told the group that he would look more into what they were doing in the Depths. Directed by Olaakki, the adventurers went to Morgrave University to seek out information on Ashurta’s blade from a Professor Gydd Nephret, an expert on Dhakaani era artifacts. The studious woman was floored by the find, and offered much information on the history of the artifact, including the knowledge that it was a portion of the Ashen Crown, an artifact with both elven and goblin roots. The Crown was sundered into five parts in ancient times, and the group appears to have unearthed one of those portions: Ashurta’s Blade. She excitedly told them that she would look more into this artifact and let them know.

What do these developments portend for Sharn, for the nation of Darguun—the heirs of the Dhakaani Empire—, and for the adventurers themselves?

Session 9 Chat Log

Session 8
The dead walk. And take showers...

The bug hunt continues, but so far it has only led to more undead horrors from the Age of Goblins. After resting, the adventurers were assailed by living death and blood mist after Taus unwisely tried to open a locked tomb. Later, they found a strange scene where a zombie was taking a shower under the sewer runoff from the city above. The zombie’s pets didn’t seem to appreciate the intrusion. And finally, our heroes walked into a literal grinder in a small trapped room. Keira almost became ground beef, but her friends were able to rescue her from the grinding ball below.

Unexpected finds in the goblin ruins, but they still have yet to deal with the kruthik infestation.

Session 8 Chat Log

Session 7
Bug hunt turns historic. News at 11.

A new job has started for our heroes, deep in the Depths of Sharn. After accepting the job from the surly Molric Torranol to eliminate a kruthik hive terrorizing his foundry operation, the group followed the map given them and stumbled upon an ancient goblin tomb. The kruthiks seem to have interwoven the ruin with their tunnels, and they were forced to battle the insectoid reptiles at every turn. At the entrance to the tomb they found evidence of a recent battle, probably with goblin separatists, called Wordbearers, including signs that they came in search of an ‘Ashurta’ and ‘Blade.’ The goblins left a clue that enabled Keira to figure out a puzzle in the second room, which opened the way to a grand tomb where the group apparently found Ashurta. The undead hobgoblin warlord and his minions battled the heroes, seeking to punish them for their insolence. After a difficult fight, the group prevailed, and Ashurta relinquished his ancient blade, which apparently connected with the ‘Ashen Crown’—an ancient goblin artifact.

Who knew that a bug hunt would lead to such a historic find? The group now stands in the aftermath of the battle, discussing whether to hightail it out of the ruins before their extermination job is over with their new-found prize in hand. Or will they continue exploring the tomb or forcing their way through a tunnel to find the kruthik hive?

Session 7 Chat Log

Session 6
City Life

After emerging from the Shadow Marches, our adventurers returned to Sharn for some reward and R&R, while expanding their prospects for the future. Cur met with his adoptive father, and they parted on amicable (enough) terms. The group would continue to work for the Wayfinder Foundation when needed. Calden connected with House Deneith, asking about any possible jobs for Sentinel Marshals. He was told that the leader of the organization in Sharn, Brion d’Deneith, would contact him. And finally, the group sought out Kava Velderan, the Tharashk heir who runs her own inquisitive service called the Globe Information Agency. Kava was glad to see Calden and offered help to Cur. In addition, she offered the group a job as contract couriers to a client in Malleon’s Gate. The job proved hazardous as they were jumped by goblins in the slum. The client, a medusa named Gasslak, ended up intervening, and the group completed their job. But not before being rattled by the medusa, including a reminder to some in the group (Caelin, Sari, and Taus) of their previous actions against Gasslak’s gang (Daask). He let them go unharmed, and the group returned safely to Kava for payment. After a few days, they found out about another job at the Wayfinder’s Foundation for kruthik exterminators needed at the Tain Foundry in Blackbones (in the Cogs). They head there next…

Session 6 Chat Log


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