Sorghan d'Deneith


One of the nine Sentinel Marshals of House Deneith serving in Sharn. He is not from a favored part of the House— his father was a life-long blademark that served in Darguun at the Gathering Stone, and died in the war while working for Cyre. Sorghan has worked his way up the ranks of the House through hard work and ruthless efficiency at his job. He is a discompassionate man, if not cruel, and rumors swirl around him that too many of his marks come in dead. Recently he has taken interest in the growing numbers of House Tarkanan recruits, and exhibits an inordinate hatred of those with aberrant dragonmarks.

He and a few fellow members of the House met with the group in Cliffside hoping to torture and kill Jurgen Rivnor, a dwarf with an aberrant dragonmark. Keira protested such action, inciting Sorghan to attack, much to Calden’s chagrin. He was defeated but spared and returned to the Deneith enclave. There Lord Sadran found in his favor and had Calden apprehended. Brion d’Deneith later broke Calden out of the stockades in the enclave.


Sorghan d'Deneith

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