Brion d'Deneith

Sentinel Marshal in Sharn


Senior member of the Sentinel Marshals in Sharn (there are 9 working out of the city, one of which is Calden d’Deneith). Brion is a skilled bounty hunter, and has methodically worked his way up the ranks of House Deneith. It is said that he may one day be a seneschal. Brion is close with Kor ir’Wynarn, the brother to King Boranel and commander of the King’s Citadel. The Sentinel Marshals in Sharn are often at the disposal of the Citadel to pursue fugitives in other nations beyond the reach of the the Brelish agency. Brion has to walk a tight rope between his allegiance to house matters and his service to the Citadel. Some would say he goes too far in his allegiance to Kor.

Recently, Brion was removed from his post in the Sharn enclave and sent back to [[Karrnath] to serve the house. The circumstances of his removal were initiated by Calden’s feud with Sorghan, but were founded in the power struggle going on in the enclave.


Brion d'Deneith

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