Captain Saj Kalaes

Officer in the King's Citadel


Saj Kalaes is a Brelish officer who works with the King’s Swords, a division of the Citadel that provides elite troops for the king’s disposal. They are known to have a more active hand in influencing international events than is prudent for the standard military. Kalaes is known to be a fair man, and devoted to King Boranel. He has asked the adventurers to do a service for Breland by assisting Kech Volaar (Wordbearer) goblins acquire the pieces of the Ashen Crown. Apparently, Breland would rather see this group ascend to power in the goblin nation of Darguun than their rivals. To this end, Captain Kalaes has sent the group to Six Kings.


Captain Saj Kalaes

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