Aric Blacktree

Treacherous aide to Bren ir'Gadden and bearer of aberrant dragonmark


Aide to Bren ir’Gaden during the Last War. Aric was supposedly kidnapped along with Bren by Cyran agents. It was revealed that Aric actually was the one behind the plot. He had hired thugs to abduct him and Bren from their camp with the intention of offering the rich nobleman to House Tarkanan agents (who are always seeking to cause chaos in Sharn). It is believed that he desired to join the Tarkanans after finding a Prophecy Mark that could actually create an aberrant dragonmark on an individual who was exposed to the Mark for a long period of time. Aric manifested an aberrant mark, but was delayed in his plans by the adventurers who rescued Bren and then by incarceration in Sharn for criminal activities at the end of the war. Upon his release, he confronted the group that foiled his plans, and was summarily cut down. It is unknown if he is still alive as the Sharn authorities found him dying in the streets.


Aric Blacktree

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