Khyber's Gate

Session 25

A Rescue and a Test

The rescue attempt on Calden is a rousing success. Well except for the bodies… The group successfully took out the sentries at the Deneith enclave backdoor, and disabled the arcane wards. Calden and Brion were waiting on the other side of the door. The Sentinel Marshal leader got Calden out of the stockade on pretext of seeing Lord Sadran, and they quickly headed for the backdoor. As the reunited group left the scene, though, a patrol of blademarks showed up. Another fight ensued, and the heroes broke free and fled into the night of Sharn. Brion said he was leaving that night for Karrnath, and he recommended that Calden lie low.

After holing up for the night in a Citadel safehouse arranged for by Ashe, the next destination was Khyber’s Gate to find the Son of Khyber. Jurgen Rivnor led them to the place where he was to meet the ‘Shepherd’- the shanty of a Khyber cult soothsayer goblin named Nikraa. Though the group attempted to stay to the shadows while Jurgen made the connection, the goblin woman called them out of hiding, apparently already aware that the group was coming. She proved no threat, though, simply wanting to test the heroes with riddles. It seemed that she was fine with them finding the Shepherd. The test of cunning was passed by the adventurers, and they now have been directed by the woman to their next test: one of strength. She has pointed to the empty warehouse across the street…

Session 25 Chat Log



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