Khyber's Gate

Session 23

Concerning House Deneith and Torture...

The group finally gathered again after a few days rest, and Calden and Ashe realized that they had been given different sides of the same job. Ashe was to take Jurgen Rivnor into Citadel custody, and Calden was to make sure he got back to House Deneith once Ashe was done. It seems the dwarf could be instrumental to finding out the location of the enigmatic new leader of House Tarkanan: the Son of Khyber. The rest agreed to help out in the task—in Cur’s case solely to relieve boredom and hemorrhoids.

The group collected their prisoner and were directed by the House guards to the docks district of Cliffside, where they were told Sorghan and Brion d’Deneith wanted to meet them. Upon arrival, only Sorghan and a few friends were there, and the purpose of the meeting became evident. Sorghan wanted to torture and kill Jurgen. Ashe objected, but finally consented to letting the Sentinel Marshal interrogate the dwarf, at Calden’s behest. But Keira stepped forward to protect Jurgen from such treatment, spurring Sorghan to attack. After a furious fight in the alley in Cliffside, the heroes prevailed and spared the lives of the Deneith members. Calden is now intent upon bringing them back to the enclave and revealing their actions. But Ashe wonders if it may become the impetus for a House coup…

Session 23 Chat Log 1

Session 23 Chat Log 2



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