Khyber's Gate

Session 21

Final Demise

The quest for the Ashen Crown has come to a head, and the forces behind the plot to foil the Kech Volaar and steal the Crown have been faced and defeated.

The adventurers quickly moved on from the entrance to Ashurta’s tomb, and came face to face with the traitor Tikulti. The changeling and his lackeys were defeated after a vicious fight. During the battle, Tikulti taunted the heroes, including having the audacity to take the form of Caelin—one of their fallen comrades.

The search for the Crown culminated in Ashurta’s tomb where Demise was preparing her ritual to rejoin the fragments of the Ashen Crown. Luckily, Gydd Nephret was there as well, alive. All that was left was to defeat the necromancer—no small feat. The heroes were barely a match for the elven woman, who displayed a powerful command of the forces of death. But in the end, Demise fell, and Gydd was rescued.

Now it remains to be seen the fate of the Ashen Crown…

Session 21 Chat Log



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