Khyber's Gate

Session 20

What a mess!

After the bar fight, the Chosen of the Gray Mist had quite a mess to clean up. On many levels. The hooligans needed to be dealt with, decisions needed to be made about their captive Jurgen, a newcomer has arrived- Ashe, and sense needed to be made out of Tikulti’s betrayal. And to make matters more confusing, a patrol of Tharashk guards entered the bar wanting to get to the bottom of who killed a half-orc member of the House in the bar. Their next destination was clear: Sharn. But the path was anything but clear.

After Ashe, Calden, and Taus interrogated Jurgen, the group convinced the Tharashk Captain to let them go after allowing him to take Sophia into custody for killing the half-orc. They made their way back to the Orien enclave and the airship Yeraa had contracted. There the group heard more rumors corroborating Tikulti’s betrayal. They also found a fast way back to Sharn: the teleportation circle inside the enclave. They shelled out the gold for the ritual and were quickly back in the City of Towers.

In Sharn, each took care of some personal business, including depositing Jurgen with House Deneith. Intrigue promises to shroud that little deal, as multiple heroes appear to have plans for the dragonmarked dwarf (Oh Noes!!!). Taus and Ashe’s acrimony also threatens to undermine the party’s unity. Eventually, though, they met back together to deal with the matter at hand: it seems that Tikulti has implicated them in the theft of the Ashen Crown fragments, and they have been summoned to the King’s Citadel to speak with Captain Saj Kalaes. Only Ashe was absent as they spoke with the Captain. Kalaes was incredulous to hear that Tikulti was the real traitor, but he was eventually convinced after using a priest to detect any lies (not to mention Ashe’s sudden arrival in the room and attempt to pull rank). Kalaes encouraged capture of both the Crown and Tikulti, and let the group go. They quickly set in motion their plan to recover the Crown, heading down to the Cogs weapons in hand. They again entered Ashurta’s tomb deep under the city where they faced Demise’s assistant, Jaenus- a skullborn elf. He was joined by Claw warriors and undead kruthiks—apparently the very kruthiks the heroes destroyed weeks ago. Battle ensued, and the intruders prevailed, hoping to find Tikulti, the Ashen Crown, and the mastermind of this whole plot—the necromancer Demise.

Session 20 Chat Log

Taus talks with former associates



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