Khyber's Gate

Session 19


Tikulti is a traitor!

After defeating Demise and her gnoll mercenaries, our heroes realized that it wasn’t Demise at all, but a doppelganger posing as the elf woman. And even worse, the filching wraiths that were with them filched Zaarani’s Solitaire off of Keira and apparently passed it off to a mysterious human in the crowd at the goblin market. Things became all too clear moments later as Yeraa and the Kech Volaar goblins emerged from their dig site, not as you last saw them, but as undead monsters seeking to destroy the group. After slaying them, the adventurers found that their fragments were gone as well. And Tikulti was no where to be seen. Putting two and two together, the painful truth emerged. Tikulti has betrayed the group, the Kech Volaar, and apparently Breland. It seems the changeling is a double agent for Demise and the Emerald Claw and killed the goblins after they found the final fragment of the Ashen Crown. Then he used a ritual to raise them as undead and sicked them on the group. He must have been the mysterious human who the wraith gave Zaarani’s Solitaire to. It was all confirmed moments later as Tikulti came through on the sending stone, challenging the group to follow him back to Sharn, implying that they could find him and Demise in the same place the group found Ashurta’s Blade.

But first, another job required doing. The adventurers tracked down Jurgen to a dingy bar called the Mermaid’s Tits. But just before they could accost the wanted dwarf, a group of ruffians started a conversation with the heroes, apparently ready to extort some money off of them. The newcomer, Sophia, would have none of it and blasted the leader. A fight ensued, and a mysterious man joined the fight—a shifter by the name of Ashe. It remains to be seen his stake in this fight. The brawl ended quickly, and luckily Jurgen didn’t escape. Now it’s time to sort out the mess…

Session 19 Chat Log



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