Khyber's Gate

Session 18

Saying goodbye and saying hello...

With the task in Six Kings completed, the Chosen of the Gray Mist were ready for a new stage in their quest to assist the Kech Volaar. But not before saying goodbye to yet another comrade. After flying to Graywall, Sari left the group in the middle of the night, including a touching farewell to Calden. The rest understood, but were sad. Luckily, though, their ranks were bolstered by two new additions. A gnome faculty member from Morgrave University by the name of Nissa Carolden had tracked the group down. She was a personal friend to Gydd Nephret, and wanted to offer her assistance in finding her. The only clues she had were that the Order of the Emerald Claw were involved in her disappearance, and that our heroes had been one of the last to see her. The second addition to the group was a human woman by the name of Sophia. The party met her while in the plaza called the Roar in Graywall’s Calabas district. They were there to assist the Kech Volaar goblins in excavating to the ruins below the city. Sophia apparently was in search of adventure, and latched onto the group enthusiastically. She was a great help, as was Nissa, in their task of hiding the activities of the digging goblins. Taus rented a warehouse in the plaza to cover the expedition, while the group put on various shows or ruses outside to distract the passing crowds. It was a success, as word came from Tikulti that the fifth fragment of the Ashen Crown was found by the goblins. They were headed for the surface. But not before a surprise was sprung on the heroes. Demise had appeared at last, along with a few lackeys, ready to attack. A showdown is just about to begin…

Session 18 Chat Log



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