Khyber's Gate

Session 17

Behold! The horrors of Khyber!

The aberrant denizens of Six Kings have met their match in the Chosen. The foulspawn who nearly ended their adventures were dealt with handily, as well as a band of a lost goblin tribe called the Na’ruktuu. Eventually, though, their delving brought them to their destination: the Moon Pool and those in possession of Zaraani’s Solitaire. As expected, those owners were more foulspawn—a group that had defied the laws of nature and persisted in undeath through the millennia. More than dolgaunts and dolgrims had cheated death, though, as became evident when an unliving beholder rose from the Moon Pool to challenge the intruders. All hope seemed lost until the Kech Volaar appeared from the darkness and attacked the beholder with all of the ferocity of Dhakaan. They quickly swarmed the horrible creature and brought it down, as the adventurers finished off the other foulspawn and retrieved the Solitaire for the Kech Volaar’s mission to assemble the Ashen Crown.

Session 17 Chat Log



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