Khyber's Gate

Session 16

Crazy times...

Our adventurers took an unexpected and sad trip back millennia, somehow transported through the fabric of time to the days of the Dhakaani Empire and their fight against the daelkyr of Xoriat. They were delivered right into the midst of a battle between the goblins and the foulspawn, which were streaming through a breach between the planes. There they met a Gatekeeper druid by the name of Kruul’ort, who was tasked by the goblins with the burden of closing the planar breach. The orc druid recruited the heroes, who he took for elves, to aid him in drawing near to the portal and assisting in the ritual. Unfortunately, Sari resisted all along the way, apparently under the influence of the Coat of Eyes and the daelkyr power behind the artifact. Kruul’ort succeeded in performing the primal ritual and sealing the breach before a daelkyr could emerge, but they all returned to their own time knowing the sad truth that the battle was still lost to Zaraani and the goblin army defending Six Kings.

More sadness awaited in the present, though. Caelin was nowhere to be found upon arrival, and Sari found her brother entombed with the goblins in the stalagmites, apparently as retribution from Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes, for her failure to stop the Gatekeeper from sealing the breach. She was beside herself with grief and rage. The group continued on, though, and battled more foulspawn and ghostly goblins. They met their match in a dark cave, where a group of foulspawn swarmed over them. The dolgrims almost killed Calden, and drove the party back to find safety. Will they brave the depths of Six Kings again?

Session 16 Chat Log



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