Khyber's Gate

Session 14

Six Kings at last!

A long trek up the cliff face, and the journey comes to an end. The search for the Kech Volaar is now before the Chosen of the Gray Mist. Luckily, that quest is resolved quickly as the goblins appeared from behind a boulder. Unfortunately, the Wordbearers, led by a dirge singer by the name of Yeraa, were not has happy to see the newcomers as they had hoped. Before allowing them to join the goblins, worthiness must be proved, as is the way of the ancient Dhakaani goblins. A ritualist brawl ensued, as each hero faced a goblin on the field of battle. Luckily the weapons were padded! A few bruises resulted, but with the help of the Citadel changeling, Tikulti, who had infiltrated the goblins posing as a hobgoblin, the adventurers proved their worth to the Kech Volaar and were invited on their quest to find one of two fragments: Zaraani’s Solitaire. The goblins would be searching a different area of the goblin monument for the second fragment: Lurtaan’s Cord.

Yeraa led the whole group into Six Kings where they found an ancient magical obelisk. With it, the goblins teleported away to pursue their quest, leaving the adventurers to theirs… and to a room full of undead. Using the obelisk triggered an ancient defense, causing goblin bones to rise in defense of the monument. A fight ensued, and the skeletons were reduced to bones again. Now the depths of Six Kings awaits…

Session 14 Chat Log



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