Khyber's Gate

Session 24

Calden intent on bringing Sorghan and his followers back to the Deneith enclave, the group set off down the street. It was a quick trip, though, for an ambush was laid for them by Taus’ ex-compatriots from the Boromar Clan. The half-elf woman Lindra had tracked Taus and Jurgen down, and was intent on killing them both in order to increase her own standing in the criminal organization. Apparently, walking away from the Boromar Clan is not an option. After the vicious fisticuffs, the ambushers lay about the street in their own blood, and Lindra knocked out cold. Taus had spared her life. But Ashe had his own plans for the half-elf, and requested a little privacy to interrogate her. It seems that Ashe’s past has made a connection with the Boromar Clan in the person of Bastille, and he wanted information. Lindra had none to give, but offered to find intel for Ashe in return for some Citadel favors.

The fight over, the group split up, with most heading to the Deneith enclave. Calden took Sorghan in by himself, willing to face the music alone if things went poorly. And poorly they went. Lord Sadran, the enclave minister, heard Sorghan’s accusation of treachery and attempted murder against Calden before the other leaders of the household, including Brion. Deeper divisions seemed to be at work in the situation, and Lord Sadran quickly sided with Sorghan against Calden and Brion. Calden was apprehended. Later, Brion contacted the rest of the group and informed them that Calden had been sentenced to death, an outlandish punishment for his alleged crime. Brion was to be removed as head of the Sentinel Marshals in Sharn and return to Karrnath. But not before Brion enlisted the heroes to break Calden out of the enclave…

Session 24 Chat Log

Keira speaks with Jurgen



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